Patrick Cash

Patrick Cash

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'The Bravest Are The Gayest' - a poem on growing up gay, masculinity and LGBT visibility. 

'Gay Sex' - Velvet Tongue, London's Erotic Literary Soiree. 

'Hate' - Spoken Word London, filmed by Lock & Key Films, 2014. This poem also won the Hammer & Tongue Camden Slam in January 2014, and has been remixed into a track by KDA.

Performing 'Hate' again at the Matchbook Stories launch, Blackwells Bookshop, Oxford, 2014.

Rehearsing 'Ruin Me' in London, 2015.

'Couldn't Get It Up' - A piece recorded for the Guardian Witness spoken word project. This poem is also published in print literary magazine The Bastille. 

'The Dragon'  

A stylised poem on gay men and #chemsex in London, available to listen to here.

'Wake Up' - An angrier take on gay men and chemsex in London, written after interviewing Michelle Thornber-Dunwell, and performed at the Tower Hamlets Council-funded 'Let's Talk About LGBT Sex & Drugs' at The Joiners Arms. Filmed by Lock & Key Films, 2014. 

Lunar Poetry Interview - Here I speak with David Turner about ideas of poetry, performance and spoken word in London, 2014.


'Let's Talk About Gay Sex & Drugs' - A documentary made by Leon Lopez of Brown Boy Productions of our monthly forum with 56 Dean Street, screened at the BFI Flare 2016.

'Let's Talk About Gay Sex & Drugs' - A video made by Vice of our first event, 2014.

'Spoken Word London: Anti-Hate' - A feature length recording of our first anniversary of SWL, speaking out against hate. Filmed by Lock & Key Films, 2014. 

'The Young People's Discussion of HIV' - A panel discussion of young gay scene personalities, DJs, drag queens and porn stars, discussing how they perceive HIV in London. Part of the 56 Dean Street Wellbeing Programme, organised by David Stuart and filmed by Alejandro Medina, 2014. Full transcript of the discussion can be read here.


'Being A Gay Man 2015' recorded at the Southbank Centre's Being A Man Festival in November 2015. You can listen to the panel discussion with Matthew Todd editor of Attitude, Ade Adeniji, Tom Ross Williams, chaired by Wayne Dhesi of Stonewall, here

'Young People's Attitudes to Sex & HIV' - A short film made by Alejandro Medina about young gay men's attitudes to HIV in London, 2014. Part of the 56 Dean Street Wellbeing Programme, organised by David Stuart.  

'Spoken Word London: A Documentary' - A docu-film made by Amelia Hazlitt on Spoken Word London in the summer of 2014. 


A featured speaker set at Spoken Word Paris, December 2012. 

Opening an event for Aja Monet at Shakespeare & Company Bookshop in Paris. Poems include 'Because Each Past Love is a Beat' and 'Is There Poetry in My Newsfeed?' (2012)

'From Manif Pour Tous to UKIP: the March for the Moderate Middle': speaking at an International Day Against Homophobia conference held at Birbeck College, for the Camden LGBT Forum, 2013.