Patrick Cash

Patrick Cash

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Personal Performance 

"[Patrick Cash] spoke honestly and candidly about a number of issues around sexuality and gender... Cash was beautiful and evocative in talking about the discrimination faced by gay people, the folly of 'gay personalities' and the pain of a recent break up. It was heartfelt, punchy and persuasive"

- Danny Coleman-Cooke, 'Weird London: Erotic Poetry', The Huffington Post

"Spoken word artist Pat Cash moved some of the audience to tears with his drag, gender and masculinity rhymes"

The Chemsex Monologues

"The Chemsex Monologues might well be the desperately needed conversation starter we've been waiting for"  - DAZED

***** "an extraordinary tapestry of pleasure and pain, woven together with wit and weight by a master wordsmith." - Gay Times 

***** "An amazingly well written and performed insight" London Theatre 1

***** "Peppered with rich humour and entertaining on many levels ... engrossing, strikingly thought-provoking work" Act Drop

**** "Hard hitting and tough to watch" - West End Wilma

"An incredibly powerful, moving and funny piece of writing, superbly performed throughout."​ - EQView

"Gold standard theatre. The Chemsex Monologues will make you laugh, cry, think, love, hurt and hope.' - QX Magazine

"Intense and thought provoking scenes ... go see this if you possibly can!" - Jack the Lad


"From the start, it’s filled with highs and lows, laughter and tears. Each monologue, very much emotional and unique... Patrick brilliantly captures the emotions in each recollection. It’s full of strength, realisation and a greater sense of growth"

- Gay Times

"I felt myself mesmerised as I sat in the dark... The acting is superb... A must see"

- QX Magazine

"Queers captures and pays heed to those moments of queer history, both societal and individual, which risk being lost in translation across the generations... You should all go see it now"

- EQView

"It was difficult to find fault in [the] writing, the direction by Luke Davies or any of the performances from the accomplished cast..."


"This play is both relevant and reverent... Remind yourself of the community to which we belong and walk away feeling both entertained and proud."

- Flazéda

"Each character guides us through their unique story, only stopping for the bursts of laughter that echo throughout the audience... The writing is fresh and deeply personal"

- North Four

"Poignant and funny multi-monologue hour long play"

- Matthew Todd, editor of Attitude Magazine

"I saw this today and it's just wonderful. Go."

- Declan Cashin, homepage editor of BuzzFeed UK

"Six mesmerising monologues about the LGBT community"

- Stonewall

"Very good: warm, engaging, punchy, political and funny"

- Playwright Alexis Gregory

"Still processing how much I loved [it]"

- Playwright Rikki Beadle-Blair

"Queers is authentic, honest and unabashed"

- Playwright Simon Jay

'The Fag Ash Monologues'

'The Fag Ash Monologues is the creation of Pat Cash who has authored all four of the vignettes presented here and also performs two of them... A glorious collage of penetrating portraits that will chime with all of us who exist in this modern gay world. And running at under an hour, it’s short as it is sweet. A thoroughly captivating collation of colourful characters - highly recommended'

***** Richard Unwin, Gay Times

'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

"An ingenious blending of classical theatre with burlesque and cabaret and queer politics…. Do yourself a favour and run away with the fairies."

- ***** Richard Unwin, Gay Times

"This production ventriloquised perpetually pertinent narratives of queer people through soliloquised add ins... HIV, chemsex, coming out, unticked boxes, ironic labelling, porn, drag. Never has Shakespeare been so poignant to modern day life."

- ***** Dean Eastmond, Flazeda 

"At once obedient to the original text, whilst simultaneously pioneering in its asides to the contemporary preoccupations affecting the LGBTQ community... You could almost feel Shakespeare Vogueing in his grave" 

- **** Stuart Forward, EQView 

'The Clinic'

'Sharply observed and ultimately optimistic – this is a production that’s about love – love for other human beings, and learning to love oneself. There is a serious message conveyed through a lot of laughs – this deserves a wide audience.'

- Richard Unwin, Gay Times

'A nuanced piece interlinking the experiences of 5 characters... Patrick Cash's script is funny, poetic'

- Phil Willmott, London Box Office

'The Clinic has Cash's stamps of grass-roots activism all over it, proudly beating in the heart of our community... The Clinic reflects our lives back at us, and encourages us to make the changes we want, if we wish. It's our choice.'

- Simon Marks, QX Magazine

'A touching and real love story... I would love to see this piece given a full run and a lot more love. This is a play we all need to see'

- Greg Owen, Boyz

'It’s somewhat a modern day London gay scene version of Bizet’s Carmen... The Clinic is more than just theatre... The show gives a whole new definition to intimate theatre and is an imperative show for any gay person.'

- Dean Spector, Flazeda

'The play bravely addresses most of the hot topics in modern gay life, does not shy away from controversy, and engages the brain. It positively provokes debate and discussion, and starts a conversation bound to continue after the curtain has come down. Highly recommended.'

- Rakshita Patel, EQ View

'I felt [Damien Killeen's speech] spoke directly to me, reminding me of both how I felt in school and the lack of education I had there, bringing tears to my eyes... A very strong piece of theatre, tackling issues head-on'

- Stephen Haskins, Culture Fly

'The success of the play, and the larger gay season at the King’s Head, must give artistic director Adam Spreadbury Maher a clear signal that these stories are not only popular but there’s a huge audience for them.'

- Amy Smith, Camden Review

Spoken Word London

'Candid, intimate and engaging , Spoken Word London has been running for only but a year but is constantly overflowing with eager talent and passionate listeners for what creates a really cozy, inspiring and laid back vibe, that's truly one of a kind'

- Tracy Kawalik, 'Word!' on London Calling

Let's Talk About Gay Sex & Drugs

'Maybe we should focus less on chemsex as a discrete issue and look more holistically at creating parallel spaces where this can also be on offer without paying the price of a comedown. Two people who appreciate this are David Stuart, drug use lead at the 56 Dean Street clinic in Soho, and Patrick Cash, a writer and performer who set up Let’s Talk About Gay Sex and Drugs, a well-attended open forum held monthly. At LTGSD gay and bi men (and their friends) can come to speak, perform or just listen to each other about their experiences in a candid, non-judgemental environment.'

- Shon Faye, Dazed & Confused


'Patrick Cash, QX... [His] portrayal of drugs and gay sex articles have presented a balanced review of the role of sex, sexuality and drugs within the HIV narrative'

- Naz Project London Media Awards 2014