Patrick Cash

Patrick Cash

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(Image by Laurie Poole)

A selection of my poetry. For live recordings, visit Clips

Madness (The London Magazine)

There’s a stream by the Avon ward
Where I stand to watch the water flow
And unwind the whirlpools of my mind
When it’s dark I let its rhythms...

Gay Sex (Velvet Tongue)

Let's talk about gay sex, baby
Let's crow about its beauty daily
Place away your shades of shame
And trace in me a sacred flame...

Watch a video clip of 'Gay Sex' performed live here

The Song You Loved (The Irish Literary Review)

It's like when you play the song you loved
To the object of your desire
And suddenly you hear it different...

Gay's the Word (QX Magazine & The Belleville Park Pages)

Fuck, putain, merde, minchia, va fan culo, cock, cunt
Swear words have such immense potency
In any tongue, packed with power like a punch...

Ode to a One-Night Stand (Spoken Word Paris)

You can't blame your one-night stand
For being your one-night stand
But sometimes, when you're really hungover, you can...

I discuss modern poetry in an interview podcast for Lunar Poetry here.

The "In Conversation With..." series
Verbatim transcripts of interviews I conducted with leading figures of the London gay scene for QX.